Cape Rachado
Country: Malaysia
Water: Malacca Strait
Region: Negeri Sembilan
Location: Port Dickson
Position: 2┬░24'26"N  101┬░51'8"E
Year of construction: 1863
Building height: 24m
Fire height: 118m
Date picture taken: 10.06.2002
ID: L0115
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Country: Malaysia
Water: Malacca Strait
Region: Melaka
Location: Melaka
Position: 2┬░11'33"N  102┬░14'58"E
Year of construction: 1849
Building height: 13m
Fire height: 
Date picture taken: 11.06.2002
ID: L0116
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Kuala Selangor
Country: Malaysia
Water: Malacca Strait
Region: Selangor
Location: Kuala Selangor
Position: 3┬░20'28"N"  101┬░14'41"E
Year of construction: 1907
Building height: 27m
Fire height: 73m
Date picture taken: 12.06.2002
ID: L0117
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